Monday, September 24, 2007

Summer funfairs a success - official!

This week's World's Fair (No. 5372, September 21-27 2007, page 6) reports on the Summer seasons for the two visiting pleasure fairs at Margate and Ramsgate, and scores them a success.

"Neither resort pulls the holiday makers as they once did but both are still worth a visit for a day". Talk about being damned by faint praise! Nevertheless the concluding paragraph is quite positive: "The daily rain showers knocked a bit of a hole in attendance figures but when it was dry trade was described as satisfactory, enough anyway to warrant a return visit next year."

Let's hope so, except of course Ramsgate's venue will be a building site (at last), and even Margate might be seeing some action towards the Turner Centre, with the Dreamland site probably still up in the air . Still, nice to know that two travelling fairs found the Summer season satisfactory, even in the current limited circumstances.

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