Friday, September 28, 2007

Calais, the slow way

A day in Calais yesterday, with P&O doing the honours, an hour's delay on the return blamed on the previous 36 hours adverse weather conditions. Strange that the trip out in the morning was bang on time, but what do we know... I found these two cards in my ever-growing pile of things to sort, scan or sell. I just wish we'd been here when these were running - The info on the back of the small raft's card says 55mph, 36 people. 55 mph would have made the Ramsgate-Calais run a treat compared to the lumbering Pride of Kent, comfortable though it is. And even squinting I couldn't quite see how 36 people got in to the small one, it must have been very friendly on board!

Ramsgate hovercraft


Little Weed said...

The thought of a P&O sailing in bad weather is not nice, the thought of that little hovercraft in bad weather is..... I'll stick to the tunnel

ZumiWeb said...

I'm not good on rough sea, but to my surprise the Captain wasn't fibbing about the stablisers, it was ok, even in yesterday's Force 4 or 5. But yes, the tunnel is probably best, given the chance (and the money). Does the tunnel do a £30.00 return ticket for car and passengers?

Anonymous said...

I used to love the roar of those SRN4's as they went out of Pegwell Bay. And going on them in rough weather was a better treat than any roller coaster ride!

DrMoores said...

Ironically, I used to work on the hovercraft at Pegwell bay. My first job after leaving school.

Hell on the water when it got choppy!

ZumiWeb said...

I hope you didn't get in too much trouble for trailing advertising banners behind them!