Monday, September 17, 2007

Drains rip-off: what a surprise, not.

Local drainage company a complete rip-off. I know, I can't believe it either. Don't believe me? Here goes: blocked drain (cleared a month ago for £70 for 15 minutes work, now backing up again). Quoted £55 for each half-hour (and knew last time it took 10-15 minutes). Guess what - it takes just under 40 minutes (including chatting time etc). Want a receipt? That'll be £90 extra! This for relatives who are on benefits, in rented accommodation, not impressed with previous drain clearance arranged by estate agent's contractor (which they had to pay for), so figure best chance is to arrange it themselves (on our advice, sigh).

Is it really so inevitable that every contractor rips off every customer every time? Can't there just be an occasion once where an honest tradesmen turns up, says it was an easy job, so it'll just be the expected and quoted amount for a few minutes' work?

Oh yes, anyone who uses 1st Call Arrow deserves all they get. You've been warned. "A genuine local company with local rates – No hidden extras". If local rates are £110 an hour then Thanet is doing better than Central London. Ha bloody ha.


Anonymous said...

should have used a small local company

ZumiWeb said...

But in Thomson Local they all look the same, they all say they're local. We did pick one with a Thanet phone number. And if you don't know one, how do you tell? Right option, just hard to do if you don't know one already!

ZumiWeb said...

And can you recommend one for next time?