Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Wish

We've just exchanged contracts on a house in Faversham, needing a major renovation, but overlooking the creek and with bags of space and character. Expect photos of rotting timbers and piles of rubble, but for now we're focusing on its potential as the settling down home. Here's hoping!

This delightful card seems to be appropriate for us, and is lovey enough to work for Valentine's Day too.

A Little Cottage

Friday, February 04, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

Another piece of Edwardian whimsy - at first sight this is another romantic card, suitable for the approach to Valentines Day, but wait - open the flap, and there inside are 12 pictures of Ramsate at its finest.
Ramsgate Ignorance is Bliss

The first 6 show the Inner Harbour, Victoria Pavilion, Harbour with Gates Open, the Marina, the Wtaerfall and the Westcliff Promenade.
Ramsgate Ignorance is Bliss A

The second group here shows Ellington Park, the Sands, East Cliff Promenade, General View Ramsgate, Madeira Walk and New Undercliff Promenade.
Ramsgate Ignorance is Bliss B

Those were the days... not quite sure which ignorance is bliss here - the courting couple ignorant of the young audience, or maybe one of them ignorant of the other's brood of children? You decide...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

An early Valentine

A little treat fo rthe scrap people out htere - if you can't make something lovely with this, you're not trying hard enough! This delightful Valentine is unused and undated, but I guess comes from the 1910s or 1920s. Maybe someone can date it better than that...


It opens out to reveal the poem, sent by the girl in the picture who pleads to be saved for the tedium that is her fate if she doesn't get her man. At least I think that's what she's saying.

Valentine Inside