Thursday, September 20, 2007

Royal Harbour 1864

A nice old photograph for sale on eBay today - an 1864 view of the Harbour (with a couple of others). Not sure whether to bid yet, but have a look for yourself:

Notable things (notable to me anyway): the wall on the left surrounds the railway turntable, which I think is where the current roundabout is outside the Pavilion. The Pavilion itself is another 40 years away of course, so we see a ship being built and beyond that either a timber yard or, more likely, a chandlers with masts and spars ready for the fleets of ships visiting for refitting and stocking. No leisure use of the sands here - the shore is just a workplace near the sea. The industrial age is creeping in though - note the mix of sails and steam funnels among the larger ships in the harbour.

If you fancy bidding (and I'm not the seller, I promise), or just want to see what it made, it's item 230170405763, ending 6.30 this evening (Thursday 20th).

Sold for £27.00, so clearly to a railway enthusiast!


Michael Child said...

Zumi what a fantastic picture.

Don’t know if you have already seen them but there are two pictures of this part of Ramsgate at about this time published at don’t hesitate to use them if you want. I couldn’t find the picture on ebay but would attempt to buy it to add to one of my publications.

I have also published for your amusement an account Ramsgate sands in 1864 and put a link to your blog on the website as I find I am now looking at it every day.

ZumiWeb said...

What excellent taste you have Michael... and thanks for the extra link - quite a few of my visitors seem to come from your list of local blogs (and they can't all be you...). The sale closed last night, but if you follow the link you might be able to contact the buyer and discuss copying options. Most of his other purchases seem to have been for London Chatham Dover railway stuff so he's more a railway person than a Ramsgate person, so there might be scope for negotiation.