Saturday, September 22, 2007

High as a Kite at the Big Sky Festival 2007

(Sorry about the video, still learning, but it gives the general idea)
A lovely day out - sun, crowds, entertainment and (only just) enough wind. And kites. All sorts of kites - stunt, team, novelty, fantasy - a 20 foot anatomically correct Italian cherub, a line of 50 or so penguins (they CAN fly, you know) as well as some great choreographed display flying in the arena. The gekkos were great once they got in to the air, and the others were similarly fabulous. A few more knots of wind would have been ideal, but it was still a great day out - here are the highlights, and a few more can be found on my flickr set for the event. Another good free event in Thanet!

And this is how they work . . .

And when they get bored, stick 'em in a teacup. Never fails.

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