Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Cunning Adsense Plan Takes Shape

Exciting day - the morning post saw my first cheque from Google for those funny little adverts you see down the side of the page. It's taken 14 months to get to the first £100, but hey let's not diss the business plan just yet! Let's face it, it's money for nothing except a little bit of fiddling about on a web page. And I only have the adverts on about half a dozen pages (I have a couple of hundred or more across a dozen web sites to play with), so when I get myself sorted, I could be on my way to a life of leisure. Eventually. I'll let you know when it happens.


Mrs Tara Plumbing said...

Don't spend it all at once you big-earner!
This was interesting, I wondered if those ad's actually made money for anyone.

ZumiWeb said...

Well I seem to average a dollar a day, so it's not exactly big bucks, but I can't help feeling if I multiplied the number of pages on which I had adverts by 100, then maybe... And of course the Adsense forums are awash with tips from those making thousands a month, but it's like making thousands a month on eBay, it does depend on a serious amount of effort. And a lot of traffic to your pages. Not my main characteristic. Yet.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I tried them but they were such pants ads they were detracting from my site. Not relevant at all. Yours seem much more targeted.

I've taken them off and now I've got an account with $78 in which I'll never see, as they only post you a cheque when you reach $100!