Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Phew, that was fun

Removal day was a treat - two enormous lorries in a tiny street in Canterbury (many thanks to the obliging hotel manager for permission to use his car park for a few hours). Only(!) a dozen or so items had to go in through the upstairs window, and I'm really not designed to be hanging out of a window, arms outstretched to catch bits of wardrobe... It took a week to work out how to get the heating to come on, and we still have a lovely collection of boxes and crates in the way downstairs, but still, just relieved that our little bit of the housing market actually went smoothly, despite being in a 5 house chain.

And then the two weeks delay for BT to do the phone and broadband thing. It was alnost as though I hadn't called to arrange it all two weeks in advance. Sigh.

Postcard service will be resumed shortly (as soon as I can find the right box!).

Nice of the bank to drop the interest rate though. Thank goodness for tracker mortgages! Must be the first time ever we actually got a financial choice right.