Friday, September 14, 2007

Dreamland - the saga continues

Today's Gazette reports that the Dreamland site is once more up for sale, and MTCRC are talking with Paigle Properties. Given the widespread loathing and mistrust that Reading-based MTCRC seem to have attracted this sounds like a glimmer of light breaking through the clouds. Paigle have done what looks like a sensitive and appropriate job on the former Royal Sea Bathing Hospital, and look likely to repeat the process at the Lido site.

Perhaps a competent local developer sensitive to the benefits from having a thriving and busy town environment might just do what an out-of-town developer has not managed thus far? Both main directors of Paigle are on the board of the Margate Town Partnership, so hopefully that means 'good local contacts and understanding of what's needed' and not just 'conflicts of interest'. Here's hoping...

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