Friday, December 21, 2007

Thanet libraries scandal

In order to save money, Thanet District Council is opening both the recently refurbished Margate library and the newly rebuilt Ramsgate library without the assistance of a library catalogue system. A TDC spokeperson says it will save several pounds a year, and make the library much more accessibly to young people, as this is how their bedroom floors usually look. Librarians will be responsible for emptying several shelves each day, to avoid any accusations of professionalism or elitism. A librarian was quoted as saying "shit".

OK, don't panic, and for god's sake don't go and ask Steve Ladyman what he thinks... Although I think the librarian probably did say "shit" when she saw this lot - it's a library in Gisborne, New Zealand after a small earthquake yesterday evening. But don't think TDC would'nt do it if they could...


Michael Child said...

I can offer the secondhand bookseller method of organisation for free, carpet slippers and orangutan L space come providing you follow the library rules. First rule of the library: Silence.
Second rule: books must be returned on time.
Oddly enough the third rule was something to do with bananas (if you can stop spelling it) presumably to distribute the skins at TDC.

Little Weed said...

Michael, I know that your organisation is just knowing all of the books that you have without referring to a computer system and to be able to discuss most of them