Monday, December 24, 2007

Season's Greetings - It's not over yet!

vintage greetings card Yet more festive greetings from my limited supply of seasonal goodwill... This 1911 delight has the little children and the Christmas angel combining in a beautiful card to send greetings and good wishes.

A nice visit to London yesterday to swap presents with part of the family. The thick fog that hung around all day made the journey a bit less than delightful with the nastiest bit on the way back passing the airport - no road lights and very thick fog make a nasty combination. Still, we returned safely, just in time to get back to the wrapping, eating and telly watching.

We could still do with another week to get organised, though.

Nice to see hostilities temporarily suspended in a good cause as some of my fellow bloggers organise an aerial jaunt that has raised a few quid for the NSPCC. The Zumi contribution is winging its way to that worthy cause via the Internet, and with a bit of luck we'll see the Airads banner-towing tour over the town today.

Luckily the fog seems to have dispersed so the flight will be seen and enjoyed by countless millions worldwide (ok, by the few people who care to look up as it potters about).

A great idea, although I'm looking forward to normal hostilities being resumed as soon as the Christmas truce is suspended.

vintage greetings card

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