Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Doing The Ramsgate Walk

No better way to blow those cobwebs away and build up an appetite than go for a December stroll in Ramsgate. Christmas Day 1.30 and there we were down at the harbour, an eerie wind howling through the rigging on yachts in the harbour, and seagulls just hovering in a menacing sort of a way, waiting for their chance to swoop... A quick drink in the Belgian Bar to give us the strength to return home, and away. Actually the Belgian Bar was quite busy, with a dozen or two people letting someone else do the complicated cooking and bulk washing-up. Seems like a good idea to me.

Today's Boxing Day stroll, even more traditional - up to the West Cliff, tea and a bacon butty at The Lookout, where the staff seemed a bit shell-shocked - they'd been rushed off their feet since opening at 10 and they were starting to look a bit frazzled. The bright sunshine clearly had a part to play, and we enjoyed watching other families' wobbly bikes and scooters on their first outing. Very traditional.

And on Royal Road, what looks like a cherry tree prettily coming in to blossom. On Boxing Day. The world has gone crazy, I tell you, crazy...

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