Friday, December 21, 2007

Seaside Postcard 40: Weather for Penguins

Ramsgate Postcards The temperatures seem to be dropping, I've had to scrape ice of my car window twice this week so far, and she-who-must-be-warm is not happy.

It's alright for the penguins of course, they've been trained specially for these conditions, so no wonder these two sweeties think Ramsgate is nice this week! The card conceals yet another pull-out set of photographs, this time from the 1930s, with the New Undercliff promenade on the West Cliff and two pictures of the new swimming pool.

Last day at work, and everyone is getting a little stir-crazy. Productivity might dip a little today as it becomes increasingly important for every single colleague to put their head round the door and wish us all greetings of the season.

Personally I think we should accumulate all that lost time and gather at the main entrance at lunchtime, shout "Happy Christmas" in unison and then bugger off home. Still, it'll soon be 4.30. Sigh.

And I'll soon be able to sit down and collate my New Year's Resolutions. Oh joy.

Funny how things happen. No sooner have I posted my Penguin postcard above, than I see on the BBC web site that Penguin sketches made by Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton have been found in a basement at Cambridge University! Not the greatest art in the world, but drawn at public lectures for the entertainment of the audience, autographed, and left in storage till now, apparently. Aaaaaah. Lovely...

Penguins by Scott and Shackleton

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