Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas help for the historical - or the hysterical

Christmas GreetingsWell we're well in to the final stretch now, present wrapping and food preparation is starting to reach a frenzy and we're sure we need another week to finish everything that needs finishing off. The main thing is to not panic. Really. Stop it.

If it's all become too much, and you can't find a card that says what you need, here are a couple to provide another option - demonstrate to all that you treasure the values of years gone by, that you care not a fig for modern fashions, that you realise that what we all crave at this time of year is well-worn tradition.

All you need is some photo paper, the Internet and a lovely old card like this.

Both these cards date from before the First World War, so to prove you too can be century out of date, enjoy them as though they were printed just yesterday.

And a glorious sunny day, designed to help the shoppers make the most of the shopping, the harbour and the crisp December air.

The forecast is for a distictly grey few days, so let's hope the microclimate kicks in and ignores the forecasters.

A quick visit to drop off prezzies in London on Sunday, then it's back to the joys of a Thanet Christmas. New Year's Resolution number one: start getting ready for next Christmas much earlier. Sigh.

Christmas Greetings


Little Weed said...

New years resolution - I must remember this post later next year. They are really lovely cards

ZumiWeb said...

Thanks LW, I'll try and do a reminder in November! Have a good one...