Saturday, December 29, 2007

Seaside Postcard 41: Blue Skies

Ramsgate Postcards Blue skies outside, just a light breeze, ready for that first proper venture in to a town open for business after the family and food thingy of the last few days.

This card dates from the 1930s, with the swimming pool and Winterstoke Gardens featuring once again. Also on view is the harbour cafe (now Harbour Lights Restaurant) with a striking Art Deco entrance and observation platform (and a small house between that building and the shore-side wall of the pier. The removal of neither of these seems to be a visual improvement. Sigh.

Harbour Cafe

Right, just a couple of days left to knock the list of New year's resolutions in to shape. The most important one is to stop writing lists of New Year's resolutions, but obviously some are just destined never to be fulfilled.

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