Sunday, November 11, 2007

Two Suitable Cards

card of damage to Ypres
card of damage to YpresGiven the day, a couple of cards from Ypres: the second sent on 18th December 1916 to Cliftonville Terrace, Margate. Interesting that these were being produced during the middle of the conflict, and used to share a sense of grief and dismay - this one says "one cannot send Xmas cards when so many dear ones have lost their lives in this terrible war."

Being a curious type I was having a look through the list of war memorials on the United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials, and of over 60 memorials listed for Ramsgate the only mention of the Boer War I could find was of a plaque to 6 lost alumni or former staff from Chatham House school. Did local units not feature in that conflict, or were they simply a small part of larger elements remembered at Canterbury, Broadstairs and Margate? (The Margate plaque only lists 7 dead, so maybe Ramsgate got away relatively unscathed).

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