Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Seaside Postcards 22, 23 & 24: Ramsgate is the place to be!

A sudden and unexpected burst of enthusiasm for scanning today so here's three lovely old comic postcards. The first, sent in 1910, has a short message on the back "Don't be common" - and this is written by the sender! Sent to a Miss Warren in Clapham, clearly there is no need to say what a lovely time is being had, baceause that's a given.

comic postcard from Ramsgate

The second card is a slightly battered pull-out card containing 10 great old views of Ramsgate, as well as a slightly risqué verse. Sent in 1927, there's no mesage at all on the back, thus saving a peny on the postage.

comic postcard from Ramsgate

And today's third card has a delightful chambermaid inviting the guest to arise and enjoy Ramsgate (not the nasty landlady yelling at the guest as would normally be the case in later years!). More cards soon.

comic postcard from Ramsgate

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