Thursday, November 01, 2007

Simple lodgings...

Here are two lovely old 1840s prints of Ramsgate buildings - East Cliff and West Cliff Lodges.
East Cliff Lodge

East Cliff Lodge was the home of Sir Moses Montefiore, who bought the property in 1831. Its grounds now form the King George VI park, although the property no longer exists (following an unhappy period in the ownership of Thanet District Council). The Italianate greenhouse, recently restored to its former glory, is one of the few surviving parts of a once great estate. The print is taken from an original now held in the National Maritime Museum, and predates Sir Moses' purchase, as it records the house as being the seat of Lord Keith.
WestCliff Lodge

West Cliff Lodge is best known now as the site of the former model village. Built in the early years of the 19th century, by a Mr. Benson and known as Royal Villa, this was the residence of the Earl of Darnley, and yet another of the houses used by Princess Victoria in Ramsgate.

Aaaah, if only I'd been born in the early 19th Century. With loads of money. And a title.


Michael Child said...

Michael Child said...

Zumi sorry about my previous comment I seem to left the comment out and only put the link to the photograph of East Cliff Lodge in, I hope you find it interesting.

ZumiWeb said...

I assumed that's what it was! Nice to see a 'real' picture, pretty through the prints may be...

Anonymous said...

Interesting prints, but it does not show West Cliff Lodge, also queen Victoria used to stay at Bon Secours I believe not WCL.

Kind regards

Ken Wake
( West Cliff Lodge )

ZumiWeb said...

Thanks for putting me straight Ken, apologies to all (and especially to you as he-who-knows-because-he-lives-there) for making quite so many errors in a single paragraph! Oh well, it was a pretty building, wherever it was/is on the West Cliff. Sigh.