Thursday, November 01, 2007

Have you ever wondered where...?

... you'll find a swastika on a Thanet wall?
... you'll see the word 'milk' in white brick up the side of a chimney?
... you'll see 'Jackson's Stables' in wrought iron on a rooftop?

So you think you know The Isle of Thanet

book coverWell you may never have wondered before, but you should! A new book by Stuart and Sarah Horner provides a whole new perspective on the little views of Thanet. The book contains a few sweeping and panoramic vistas, but mostly it's the details, those little architectural flourishes and fancies that catch the eye, the statements of individuality from long-gone builders. It's essentially a photographic record of 339 sites and sights of interest on the Isle, beautifully presented, with the images captioned only with a number. The key to the numbers is at the back of the book, so of course you can discover - or confirm - where the picture was taken, but this provides a leisurely visual journey through Thanet, combined with the style of a quiz. Play it yourself, or challenge your friends, family and colleagues - see who has the best visual memory of our locale.

Milk on a chimneyBased in Birchington, Stuart edits Birchington Roundabout magazine, and has published a couple of other titles on Birchington. He and Sarah have clearly enjoyed doing this one: "The joy of creating this book has been discovering some of Thanet’s more obscure features alongside the wonderful buildings which surround us. Things we are all vaguely aware of but never seem to really appreciate." It's certainly reminded me to look up - it's so easy to miss unexpected views by not checking out the skyline and rooftops. It's also made me determined to improve my photographic skills!

It won't be the cheapest book you ever buy about Thanet, due to the full colour photography on every single page, but I think it is still pretty good value, as you'll want to revisit it often as you try to baffle and outwit visitors and residents alike.

You can buy So You Think You Know the Isle of Thanetfrom Amazon, or direct from Stuart. This will make a perfect Christmas gift - I suggest you order it direct from Stuart as the Amazon link threatens 4-6 week delivery, which might add just too much tension to the process!


*The MILK chimney is at 2 Cuthbert Road, Westgate. You'll need to buy the book to find the others!

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