Saturday, October 06, 2007

Seaside Postcards 17 & 18 - The Seaside Effect

We've been here over a year now. She-who-must-be-adored would like to feel that she's the lady in the first postcard, but is terrified she might be the one in the second! She's neither of course (before I get in to too much trouble, as though I hadn't already). You decide how the chubby little darling in yesterday's card grew up. My money is on the second one...

Lady De Posh comic postcard from Ramsgate

And the awful possibility...
Putting on Weight comic postcard from Ramsgate

You decide.

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Eastcliff Richard said...

I say, the second one's the spit of the porker with the two donkeys in your previous post!

As for Lady de Posh, you still see women like that milling around Waitrose and taking tea at the Lookout on the West Cliff. They're in their 90s now, of course, but it's a reminder that in it's heyday Ramsgate really was rather Posh with a capital P!