Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Antiques Crisis

Ambling down Addington Street today we noticed that Granny's Attic was no longer open, and recalled being told it was up for development in to flats (there is a huge barn-like upper floor). This coupled with the recent Harbour Street Village closure means there's a serious lack of antique shops in Ramsgate. Apart from a couple up King Street and a couple more at the Plains of Waterloo end of Bellevue Road, I think that's it.

With all the luxury flats nearing completion at the bottom of Addington Street and in Royal Crescent, where will all the newcomers from London spend their time and money?

Either there's a huge gap in the market or there's not enough business to keep a shop viable. I wish I knew which it was. It'll make shopping for Christmas presents so much harder...

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