Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Great Crusha Mystery

Gentle readers, I am bringing you news of a matter so important, it may cause a panic amongst seaside folk. Then again, it may not. Apparently, Crusha Lime-flavoured milkshake mix is no more. I know, world-shaking news.

Below is the letter to the Times on October 17th that alerted us to this catastrophe:

Lime CrushaSir, I am writing to mourn the passing of the Crusha lime milkshake. This is not a trivial regret.

Fifty years ago a milkshake was a very rare and wondrous treat, to be savoured slowly, through two straws, to the last noisy slurp of the frothy residue which clung to the sides of that unique glass. I can still remember as a child in the 1950s, perched on the high, chromium stool in the seaside café, the almost unbearable anticipation as the syrup, milk and ice-cream were whisked noisily to produce that marvellous nectar.

Now, lime milkshake is no more. When last it made a rare appearance on the shelves of my local supermarket, I bought six bottles, not knowing when next it would be available. I am down to my last 50cc. I cannot bear to use what remains, knowing that the sensory link with my childhood will be for ever lost. I will keep it always for a rare sniff and perhaps a tiny taste to take me back to a long lost, more innocent era.

GB, Chandlers Ford, Hants

However the Crusha web site proudly lists Lime among its current 8 flavours. So is the letter writer just unlucky that his local superstore has not ordered any? Has it really been withdrawn? Do any of you care?

A follow-up letter rather removes the excitement:

Sir, Reading about Crusha lime milkshake (letter, Oct 17) invoked an intense longing for the very same. However, having looked at its website, I not only find that lime is still available but a white chocolate one also. The mix of past and present, old long-forgotten things and technology, is delightfully eclectic. My task now today will be satisfying a craving that I did not know I had.

MRL, Brighton

So it seems I panicked over nothing, and I'm not sure I think it matters. Someone does, at least enough to find a bottle and put it on eBay!
Lime Crusha

Is there really a shortage or withdrawal (two conditions likely to cause panic in many local citizens)? Is just a repeat of the great Spangles, Aztec and Wispa panic? Did you know that Wispa is back, allegedly due to 'public demand'? The world of confectionery retailing and PR is a curious place - maybe the letter writer works for Crusha and needs to boost sales. Who knows. Who cares. You decide.


Little Weed said...

My biggest loss was HP baked beans.

Adem said...

It's just another clever marketing campaign to increase the sales of Crusha!

ZumiWeb said...

Well they didn't have any lime flavour in Tesco this afternoon. But it was tesco Manston - they rarely have anything like the full range of anything!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Whatever happened to Cadbury's Amazin' Raisin bar??? I used to love that when I was a nipper.