Friday, October 12, 2007

Let's hear it for Chloe

The Pride of Britain Awards - I find these normally a bit too saccharine, tearful and straightforward schmaltzy, even though all the award winners clearly deserve their praise and acknowledgement. At least Carol Vorderman is a bit less cheesy than Esther Rantzen. But looking past the cringe-making TV programme, there are real stories of inspiration, including Ramsgate girl Chloe Gambrill:

"Aged six, Chloe signed up for the fundraising race in memory of her grandmother Wendy Parrish who died of breast cancer the previous year, aged 56. Only weeks later Chloe was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, but still wanted to complete the race. She started chemotherapy and even underwent an operation three days before the event. Chloe collapsed with exhaustion during the race but was determined to cross the finishing line, which she did with the help of her family.

Chloe's mother Kelly told Cancer Research UK: "When she collapsed, she was devastated. She laid in my arms begging me not to make her go back to the ambulance. She had already collected the sponsorship money and didn't want to let anyone down. It seems like such a small amount but it was really important to her. She was very close to her nanny. She was a huge part of both of my children's lives and Chloe was going to do it for her come what may."

Since then Chloe has completed a sponsored swim to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and ran the Race for Life again, raising £850."

You can read the full story here.

Three cheers for Chloe, happily in remission after 27 months of treatment. Sheer determination should be noticed now and again.

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