Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Keeping Autumn at Bay

It's been a grey and miserable week, so I need cheering up with a few local views of Summer. So first up are three cards of local bays: the first two at Walpole Bay, the third card is Palm Bay. The most noticeable thing is of course the large platform constructions - "here's a nice bay, let's build a platform over most of it" seems to have been the idea.

Much as I love seaside architecture, piers and so on, I can't help thinking that the sandy beach is probably an improvement on these ones. Especially Palm Bay where it seems the entire beach was replaced by the great hulking contruction. Still, handy for tea and toilets, so shouldn't complain too much perhaps.

1 comment:

Adem said...

When the tide is out it doesn't look to bad, but as soon as it's hightide then there is hardly any beach left at all.