Monday, October 15, 2007

Igglepiggle - In the Night Garden

Does this rhyme sound familiar?

"Yes - my name is Igglepiggle,
Igglepiggle, wiggle, niggle, diggle!
Yes - my name is Igglepiggle,
Igglepiggle, wiggle, niggle, woo!"

If you have very young children watching the BBC's 'In the Night Garden' then this may be (a) delightful, (b) soothing or (c) driving you mad! Hugely popular, from Ragdoll, the same people that brought us Teletubbies, this series has caught the imagination of the toy makers (imagination being represented by pound signs, obviously) to such an extent that Igglepiggle is apparently the Number One Toy this Christmas. This means a guaranteed shortage, as it's caught the makers Hasbro slightly by surprise. So get your stock in now... And Upsy Daisy and the Tombliboos too.

I haven't actually become a toyshop, I'm just experimenting to see if just one post here can get me seen on Google for a highly competitive subject. I'll report back soon...


Little Weed said...

cuddly toy, cuddly toy

ZumiWeb said...

they can never have too many . . . it shows how much you love them . . . you're never too old . . . (to a background of spooky hypnotic music)