Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little improvements that make sense - 1

This is the first in a new and enthralling series of rants - little things in life that could be changed just to make my life easier.

special delivery formRamsgate main post office - with all the problems post offices currently face, you'd think making life easier for customers would get some attention. Here's my main peeve - good location, nice staff, but not a single form available in the public area. You have to queue just to ask for a Special Delivery form or Passport Renewal or whatever, then fill it in and either rejoin the queue or (as I did yesterday with my four parcels) simply step back to the counter, feeling the enormous queue staring at me in fury as I looked like I had queue jumped.

Every other post office I've ever used has a rack of forms so you can fill them in before or while queuing. Not a biggie, but it would improve my life a little...


Michael Child said...

My main gripe is when all the politicians have had their say and the local post office closes, consultation nowadays usually means herding the electorate towards a foregone conclusion, we will have to queue up in the general with a pile of parcels to post. At the moment we just hand the whole lot in to the local post office with a business cheque (something the general won’t accept) they stick all the stamps on for us and do any fine-tuning over the amount due.

ZumiWeb said...

Blimey, no wonder they're closing them down if there's people like you and your subpostmaster around - creating a business relationship with your local post office built on trust and reliability operating to your mutual advantage in terms of time and repeat business. Can't be efficient (except of course it is), can't be measured (except in terms of satisfaction, confidence etc), must be stopped. Sigh.

And you're right, surely no-one genuinely believes the word 'consultation' when there is only one solution on offer? Still in the annual report it will read "after extensive consultation with all local stakeholders... we went ahead anyway".