Wednesday, June 13, 2007

East Cliff B.F. (before fence)

Feast Postcard This one came to mind when having a look at the Eastcliff Bandstand event a couple of weeks ago. 1928 shows the East Cliff to be a calm and quiet spot, with a lovely view of the pier and something missing - that fencing (known to be a sore point to many - or most)!

The bandstand itself is clearly designed to cater for a small audience, with only space for two or three rows of chairs, unlike today's expanse of hardstanding which replaces all that lawn.

And you can see a busy beach just below the cliff, although the tide seems to be in, limiting the fun a little.

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Eastcliff Richard said...

I believe the 'hard standing' used to be very shiny when it was installed in the 30s or 40s. Just right for the jitterbug!