Saturday, June 16, 2007

and not just in the air...

carouselQuite apart from the always amazing Red Arrows (see above) there was a great range of entertainment - decent-sized funfair and sideshows, live bands, and of course the simply bizarre in the arena.

A couple of eagles and vultures flew around a bit, and then once or twice decided they'd rather just walk rather than go to all the effort of getting airborne. Still, magnificent when they did.

Smokey the fire engine kept the little ones amused for a few minutes, and the Chinese acrobats turned out to be two performers doing five minutes in a dragon suit followed by a little dance by the lady. Sweet but perhaps a little underwhelming.

head balancingBut the true star of the bizarre is John Evans whose life mostly revolves around balancing ever more mad items on his head: hundreds of pints of beer, several kegs, a concrete mixer and finally a couple of cars.

Excellently weird, and a Guinness Book of Records record holder, so he was obviously very good, and seeing as he could fairly be described as a huge bloke with a very flat head, clearly built for the task.

And if you really need to know more, and you know you won't rest until you learn everything there is to know about John, go to his website. You just can't make this stuff up. Well I certainly can't.
head balancing

head balancing

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