Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lists, lists, lists

Harbour phone boxes

Good thing - old K6 telephone boxes down by the harbour, nice shape, friendly reassuring presence. Bad thing - tatty condition, missing bits of glass, not as loved as they should be. Slightly surprising thing - they are Grade II Listed. A search of the English Heritage database shows 2,039 entries for a search of Telephone Kiosk. So not exactly rare then... but hang on, a search for "pair of telephone kiosks" shows only 35, so quite exclusive really.

not the Harbour phone boxesKingston town centre shows a different use for these old bits of street furniture - bit harder to make a call from, but probably more use after the pub kicks out.

And slightly worryingly, I can just about remember pressing buttons A and B after putting four old pennies in the slot.

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