Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seaside Postcard 8 - The Wet Stuff

Feast Postcard Today's card dates from 1924, and portrays a gent (perhaps a local millionaire from days gone by) quenching his thirst in fine style. At least he was only wet on the inside, unlike the rest of Thanet this evening.

I think Thanet is taking this microclimate thing a bit far, quite frankly. At lunchtime, we were at a Pick Your Own farm on the way to Sandwich, hauling sizeable punnets of raspberries and strawberries to the till, and looking forward to going back in a few weeks for cherries, gooseberries, plums and courgettes; an hour or two later down at the harbour with a cold drink, enjoying the sunshine - and then before you know it, it's a monsoon!

The torrential rain, thunder and lightning are all inevitable, what with tennis on at Eastbourne and Wimbledon just round the corner, but there's still no need for it.

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Eastcliff Richard said...

I say, you haven't been and sneaked a quick snap of me enjoying a pint of the Gaddfather's finest, have you?