Friday, June 29, 2007

A quiet meal for two . . . thousand!

Dreamland Catering Brochure

I came across this leaflet the other day, aimed at organising secretaries, those lucky people responsible for organising the perfect works outing. I couldn't help panicking slightly at the sight of hundreds of chickens lined up in the kitchen - obviously this dates back to pre-history, when every factory in a town took its fortnight holiday at the same time. Happy days...

Dreamland Catering Brochure

And of course it wasn't just the food - there was the funfair, the Beautiful Girls, and the parking. They had it all in those days. I grew up in Jersey and spent the 70s and 80s in York, with frequent and regular trips to Scarborough and Bridlington, so this is all happily reminiscent of my distant youth. Except the mass chicken thing, I'm still scared by that.

Dreamland Catering Brochure

Being fairly new to Thanet, I don't have the personal memories of the glory days of mass tourism, so postcards and leaflets will just have to do for now...


Little Weed said...

I've been in Thanet for less than 20 years so I am pleased to say I missed the chickens - not a pretty sight

Eastcliff Richard said...

I got my first showbiz break calling bingo in Margate and remember the days when the beach was absolutely poggled out with chickens in the summer.