Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cor Love a Duck

All the papers (well I've seen it in The Times, Daily Mail and The Sun so far) today report that the Duck Armada is approaching! Over the summer some of the surviving ducks from the container spill in the Pacific 15 years ago are likely to melt out of the arctic ice (which carried them round the top of Canada) and start to drift ashore in the South West and Welsh and Scottish west coasts. The US company that was importing them offers $100 reward for each one you find, and collectors (i.e. eBay) allegedly pay up to $500. So if you're at the seaside this summer watch out for floating riches... (as well as the other floating stuff you normally watch out for of course).

This was mentioned in a blog a few weeks back, but it's suddenly hot news (or else the UK papers have only just seen the story, one or the other...).

Seems to me a certain Thanet blogger called Emily should be exploiting all this free publicity. Or maybe she's the evil genius behind the whole thing anyway!

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em said...

hahahahahaha!!! i may well be!!!