Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Seaside Postcard 10 - O Lucky Man!

Beauties Postcard Another delightful postcard from early last century. I'm not too impressed with the man's swimming costume, but it seems to be having the desired effect!

An interesting printing error here - well, interesting to me anyway: the word 'Ramsgate' is upside down at the bottom, obscured by the word 'Overwhelming', rather giving away the fact that these cards were of course produced for use in many resorts, then overprinted with the relevant town, and suitable photos inserted at the second stage of production. Oops. Unless it was made for the Australian market - there is a Ramsgate in New South Wales, after all, and they are all upside down, aren't they?

As a librarian type, currently making a living indexing and proof-reading books, this sort of stuff is interesting. It is. No really, it is. I'll be sharing pictures of printing type and bindings one day soon. You just wait.

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