Monday, March 24, 2008

So that was Easter

Slightly startled to see snow on Easter Sunday, although it's not actually as rare as a white Christmas, apparently. The earliest Easter for 95 years and it won't be that early again for another 200. A weird way to run the world, and a very hesitant start to the tourist season, given that nothing will happen now for a few weeks until it warms up a bit. This was the view through the doors to our garden at mid-morning:

Easter snows

The continental market at the Harbour was notable by its absence, presumably stuck the other side of the very windy channel on Friday and Saturday. Shame, although maybe they were just confused by the dates advertised on the poster - just when is the 21th?

Harbour market
I see the pink cadillac that often sits down at the end of Harbour Street has been replaced by an Impala. More elegant streamlining (with abit of rust and wear, but still some spectacular chromework).


Still, I'm typing this looking out at the sunniest and clearest morning I've seen for a while, so we might venture out for a stroll today - the bitter icy wind may have something to say about that, but we need a bit of bracing Thanet occasionally...

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