Monday, March 10, 2008

Seaside Postcard 62: if only . . .

Ramsgate comic postcard
Well we can all dream of the glory days when Ramsgate was full, although nowadays the only reason it might be full is that most of the guest houses no longer exist. Still, give it a couple of years - new flats and hotel down on the seafront, all those new-build flats sold and coccupied, a high-speed train link and a load of Chinese-backed companies clustering around an expanding airport and who knows?

This card was posted in August 1909 to a Mr Wakfer, Ingersoll-Rand in Lower Thames Street, London. And signed Yours, Harry Nob. You just don't get names like this any more...

Storms and floods everywhere this morning, let's hope Michael's direct predictions don't come true today!

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Anonymous said...

That's the good thing about being at such a low - the only way is up! Let's hope.