Thursday, March 20, 2008

Margate Hospital - as it was meant to be

Here's one to make you weep - a postcard of Margate and District General Hospital from the early 1930s, freshly built, without a single annex or 'temporary' extension to be seen. And no car parking issues. No car park either! Presumably the only vehicles were the occasional ambulance, and a few consultants' rolls-royces parked at the front door. The second picture is how it looks today. Much better for patients and the community, a staggeringly better range of treatments and services, but architecturally - well, you decide.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to think you think sevices are better nowadays.My friend had the misfortune to be admitted to sandwich bay ward,the boiler was broken and he did not get a bath for seven days,then he got an eye infection,the whole place was chaos even tho he had pnuemonia, he was cold and I had to ask for a blanket-the list goes on...