Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday grumbles

I'll put up a more cheerful post a little later, I promise. But first... grrr...

  • The nicest fish shop for miles around is closing at the end of the month, according to the local paper. Penn's in Southwood Road - great fish and a fabulous chippy - will soon be no more. Luckily a new fish shop appeared in King Street a few months ago, so there's some hope. And the reason isn't the new competition, just the proprietor's retirement and no-one in his family to take up the reins. It'll be missed.
  • Last week's Adscene managed a classic piece of sloppy editing: over the article about the one-day strike by the Coastguard Agency staff was a headline: "Lifeboatmen Strike". Memo to sub-editors - lifeboats and coastguards are not the same. There's a clue in how the words are spelt, if you don't know anything about anything. They are DIFFERENT. One is an almost entirely volunteer-staffed charity, the other is a staggeringly poorly paid but conventionally employed team working for a government agency. Are there ANY journalists (or even literate grown-ups) in the local newsrooms any more?
  • So the unexpired lease on the Pavilion is apparently worth hundreds of thousands. That rules out the local community (or even the local council) having anything to do with its next use then. Still, they'll be great flats until they're washed away next winter.

There, just the three grumbles this morning. Now I'll start scanning some nice vintage Easter Cards to start building a happy sunny mood for next weekend.

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