Saturday, February 23, 2008

Extreme Privacy

I know things have got a bit steamy in the bloggy arena recently, so I can quite understand why various bloggers have turned on their comment moderation - but ECR has taken this to a fabulous extreme this morning - you need to be invited to actually read the blog itself! Maybe this is the future for blogging, a series of private clubs so exclusive that the crowds clamour to get in. It seems to work for some West End drinking clubs, but it may limit the impact of the satirical commentary if it's only seen by the author and his closest chums. Obviously I'm just jealous - I want to be on the inside looking out... but what if he's saying something really interesting? Or is he adopting the New Labour (and Old Conservative, before I'm accused of bias) approach to Freedom of Information?

Let us in!!!

On a more philosophical note - isn't is strange how you get a sense of ownership - and therefore grief at its loss (that might be over-egging it sligtly, but you get the point) - over something that you don't own/write?

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Tarquin Ole Biscuit Barrel said...

And Thanetonian exactly the same.