Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There's more than one seaside

Margate postcardHere's a nice old card from Margate, just to show I do look outside Ramsgate for inspiration now and again. A very laboured rhyme perhaps, but an attractive card nonetheless.

Posted in July 1913, to an address in hackey Wick, London, the sender was of course 'having a fine time'. This Valentine postcard has printed on the reverse 'Mail Novelty - shape passed by the GPO for a half penny stamp', implying that this sort of card was still so new that post offices weren't used to them yet!

The drop-down set of photographs includes Westonville Pavilion, Jubilee Clock, Westonville Sands, the Lifeboat Memorial, the Concert Hall in the Pavilion (which is the Winter Gardens), the Jetty, the Harbour and Palm Bay.

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Matt B said...

The postman does not look too impressed.