Friday, February 15, 2008

Turbulent Times

Getting to grips with my new job this week, I haven't had the same time as usual to do much on the blog - more postcards to come tomorrow, I promise. It's my 5th day, and the NHS culture is not offering any unexpected challenges - of course that's just the first week, there'll be something confusing lurking just around the corner no doubt.

Speaking of confusion and lurking - there's been something of a bloodbath amongst Thanet blogs in the last few days: Thanet Life's owner has suspended his blog due to an excess of nastiness, some of which has spilled right over and hacked and deleted Eastcliff Richard's blog. Given these are two of the livelier ones, both quite good at breaking local news, this is a bad thing all round. Reading the comments on some recent postings, it's surprising anyone leaves the comments function turned on at all. People manage to get themselves very angry when sat alone at the keyboard, take things incredibly personally and chuck around all sorts of claims, accusations and insults.

Hopefully they will both make a reappearance soon - however irritating a certain political position is to someone who doesn't share it, and however annoying some witty and not so witty comments are, there should be the ability to share, oppose and discuss views and these without anyone getting scared, hacked or too furious.

I'd try and inject some controversy into the area of Edwardian seaside postcards, but I'm not sure anyone would care!


Little Weed said...

I sometimes wonder if these nasty, angry people are the same when in company. I hope those nice people at Blogger help ECR get his site back they were very helpful to me when I forgot who I was ( it happens at my age). Some of those Edwardian postcards can be very controversial so do be careful.

ZumiWeb said...

It's amazing isn't it - you'd think you'd be able to spot them in the street walking along muttering curses and threats to anyone who steps across their path... I gues it's anonymity that lets people go a little bonkers - and the fact that they tale every throwaway line as a personal insult.

And of course I have security on full alert watching out for the Edwardian Society's Moral Defence League's Radical Wing.