Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seaside Postcard 55: Spot the Difference

Great disappointments in life: discovering when you play a Pinky and Perky LP at 16 r.p.m. it's just two blokes singing; discovering that not everything you read on the Internet or in the papers is true; realising that MPs are just as greedy and selfish as everyone else; that belief in the tooth fairy and Santa are neo-orwellian parental behaviour control techniques; oh and that not every Ramsgate postcard was hand-crafted by a local artisan in an attic somewhere near the harbour.

OK it's not really a surprise - the last one, I mean, I'm still in denial over most of the others. Here's just one example of efficient product distribution, from 1906. One postcard design, overprinted (or simply redesigned), in this case quite elaborately, with the crest and name of the location. It's quite obvious from many of the cards I've listed that normally it's just the name that gets changed, so quite a simple printing job - this is one of the more elegant ones...

Yarmouth postcard

Ramsgate postcard

I still like 'em though. Pinky and Perky, that is.

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Anonymous said...

It's like the postcard of "NAMEOFTOWN at night" which is a black card with the text on. Ever resort style town sells it, or used to.