Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seaside Postcard 54: More Fishy Tales

Ramsgate comic postcard
Another fishy-themed card, this one posted in 1924, by someone who hadn't read the instructions. As well as the Ramsgate postmark on the back, there is a franking mark saying "Liable to Letter Rate" and a Red 1d Postage Due stamp. The crime? The sender had written a message, which turned a card in to a letter. Naughty, naughty. Still, it was addressed to someone in Bayswater - I expect they could afford the extra penny. The message reads "Dear Doll & Sam, Just a card, we are having a nice time. Perhaps Sam would like this for breakfast. Love from Amy". Well worth a penny...

The fold-out strip of photos shows Ramsgate at its best - Ellington Park as an elegant place to promenade in Edwardian times, a crowded Main Sands, a West Cliff Hall looking beautiful, the Promenade Pier and of course many sailing ships crowding the quayside in the harbour. Aaah..


Anonymous said...

I see this old joke really is old.

ZumiWeb said...

Yup, all those cleverly-named fish shops and hairdressers aren't doing anything new. Still funny though. Sort of.