Saturday, January 19, 2008

Seaside Postcard 53: Happy Arrivals

Ramsgate comic postcard
Another cheerful postcard welcoming new arrivals to Ramsgate. With all the new flats nearing completion - Sea Bathing Hospital, Royal Crescent, Addington Street etc etc we'll certainly need some new people from somewhere. With enough money to buy a small flat for the price of a larger house with character (oops, letting my preferences show again...). Still, if you build it they will come. Apparently.

And as for the Channel 4 Food season (to pick a topic at random). Chicken programmes - good, worthwhile, might make a change. Jaime's one on the food you eat, complete with the mad German guy slicing up dead bodies to show what fat people do to themselves (we know, really, honest we do) the same - it seemed to have an effect on the audience, and you could see why it was done.

But then Gordon Ramsey last night - what was the point?

The idea was you cooked along at home, quite a nice idea for a cookery programme, if you really think steak and chips is worth the effort. But after 10 minutes of Gordon shouting hurry up, keep up and showing his expertise in slicing and chopping then shouting at his fellow presenters to keep up I abandoned the TV completely. I can't believe that did anything except demonstrate what an arrogant pillock he is. Maybe you enjoyed it, in which case, sorry. But as an exercise in helping the audience to cok real food it was a total waste of effort. Ego triumphing over education.

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Anonymous said...

I have always found that to do something both well and at speed one must have done it many times before much more slowly. The reason "experts" can thrash along at 90 MPH is that they no longer have to think about what they are doing.

As for the houses I would bet you they remain half filled unless they are filled very soon.