Monday, January 07, 2008

Seaside Postcard 46: What a handful . . .

Ramsgate comic postcards
I'm not quite sure who has their hands full in this card - the two cheeky chappies chatting up the girl, or the girl with a boy in each hand. They all seem quite happy though, so best not to worry.

Maps of WarMaps of War And one of those entirely pointless moments of excitement on Saturday - a visit to Waterstones in Canterbury, a look at the latest large glossy books and there's my name in print. Woohoo! OK, it was only for compiling the index, and I'm not exactly mentioned on the cover, in fact my name makes up the two last words in the entire volume, but it's still a cheap thrill to see "Index by..." inside a real book in a real shop (rather than on the printers' proofs that are usually all I get to see).

And it's a lovely book, very large format with full and double page illustrations of maps used in warfare over the centuries, cunningly titled Maps of War. If it's your sort of thing, you'll love it. Anyway she-who-needs-to-be-impressed seemed suitably thrilled when I casually pointed it out to her.

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