Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ramsgate Powerboat Grand Prix 2007

A sunny day (mostly), a crowded harbour area, and a good sense of what Ramsgate is meant to be like!

A bit of racing - I only stopped for the one race as there was so much else to do, and so little time to do it - Vale Square summer fete, Wimbledon finals, watering sunflowers and even some work - it can be very tricky fitting it all in you know.

There seemed to be a high calamity rate, in this race at least. By the time we left, it wasn't over, but only about 4 boats were still running!

And a lot more pictures of the weekend from ThanetOnline, including lots on the funfair and harbourside, so prepare to do some scrolling and clicking to see them all.

Not sure the council had quite worked out the principle behind this sign. I'm sure it made sense to someone to put this up at the start of a pedestrianised zone . . .

And just one representative of the zillion insects that seemed to be waiting for me as I strolled up the East Pier.

And just one representative example of the lovely food on offer in the continental food market - I actually went for thr Tartiflette - that's the bacon, chesse, onion and potato mixture in the huge frying pan in the background here. Yum.

Oh and you-know-who was doing his thing of course. Except we were already in Ramsgate, so apart from showing off to the advertiser's staff, I'm not entirely sure how useful it was!

Good day all round, just time to catch the rest of the tennis, relax and prepare before heading back for the fireworks.


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