Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hammering it Home

Take one semi-derelict property at the end of our road recently sold at auction, one film crew trying to get a shot in the can so they can go home, and one constant stream of traffic at school going-home time, and what do you get? A presenter looking wearier by the second! Martin Roberts seemed to be keeping his cool admirably, as they filmed this bit for BBC's Homes Under the Hammer, but what with planes, cars and a small but appreciative audience you can see how the glamorous life of a TV star might not always be perfect...

As they haven't started any work on the house yet, I don't suppose the programme will be aired for at least 3-4 months, but it's still good to know we're of interest to the media . . . it'll be interesting to see if he describes Ramsgate as 'on the up' because of the forthcoming lightning fast rail connection to London. The Guardian at the weekend managed to get the 'under an hour' myth in to its mention of Ramsgate as a top seaside place to live. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

I'd be happier with his salary.