Friday, July 06, 2007

Latest Sunflower news

sunflower growingWell, I'm sure everyone
is as excited as me that
our best sunflower has
now reached the dizzy
heights of 7 ft 10 inches.

We have a few more that
could do better, and I know
it's hardly a world record,
but I'm so amazed that
something I helped grow
is actually alive after a
few weeks, let alone still
looking healthy, that I
felt I owed it to the world
to share the joy!

The current Guinness World
Record for the tallest plant is
25 ft. 5 ½ in. (7.76m) tall
grown by M Heijms in Oirschot,
Netherlands in 1986. So I
have a way to go yet, obviously.

Still, they were all grown in
the ground, and mine is coming
out of a very unexceptionally sized
pot, so I shall carry on feeling
slightly pleased with myself for
a short while.

Saturday tomorrow. Hooray. Jet engine
day (the powerboats, not the Jumbo).

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