Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kent Garden Show, Detling - the odd stuff

Looking out at the heavy rain this morning, I'm very pleased we managed to get to Detling for the Kent Garden Show yesterday. I even got sunburnt... Four and a half hours ambling around hundreds of exhibitors, a few necessary purchases and a few less necessary - still, what's a garden show for if not to stock up on fudge, a blouse, slippers and two tablecloths? I foolishly thought it was about gardens, but she-who-never-misses-a-shopping-opportunity soon put me right on that naive idea... and we did get some plants too.

But the main fun is to be had just looking and wondering how - and why. Why would you need a large rabbit made out of a hedge for example? Or a life-size metal giraffe?

Kent Garden Show, Detling

Kent Garden Show, Detling

And here's a shed or playhouse that looked how it would if I tried to make a proper one. Quite cool, we thought.

Kent Garden Show, Detling

Kent Garden Show, DetlingAnd first prize (from me) for innovative use of a horsebox goes to this nursery selling quite large trees.

A great day out, a few ideas and a few things for the garden, and sunburn. What more could you ask? And even though we were as far away in the car park as we could possibly be without actually being on the next door airfield, we didn't mind. Now THAT's the sign of a good day!

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