Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Taking it all in

Royal Crescent from the airAnother lovely view of the West Cliff, this time from the air. Dating back to the 1970s (perhaps the 1960s?), the card is titled "The Regency Hotel and School of English", and shows Royal Crescent in all its glory (i.e. without its usual scaffolding). The central section, which was the language school and hotel, is in the finishing stages of conversion to luxury flats, the Crescent presents a fabulous facade to the clifftop walker. The ends of the crescent have larger properties, and it's fascinating to look at the 'back' view now, from St Augustine's Road, to see just how varied the properties are, when they all share the same frontage.

On the extreme right of the picture, you can see the West Cliff Concert Hall, with its windows intacts and overlooking the sea - long beforethe ferry port approach road was built - the cliff is just that, a cliff and then sea...

And at the other end, you can make out the former model village, and the green area at the top of the card is now covered by housing.

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