Thursday, May 31, 2007

Going, going, gone

Off to the auctions yesterday, at Pettmans in Margate. Usual variety of curiosities - the bidders as well as the items for sale! - and a few bargains. A couple of hundred seaside postcards made up part of my favourite lot, although the large early Victorian family bibles and the hand-painted Persian hunting scene also made my day. I'd like to think there was some subtle psychology involved in bidding at auction, but of course all you really have to do is hold your hand up till you win. All I have to do now is turn some of the winning items into profit on Ebay and elsewhere, and find a place in the increasingly cluttered home for the rest. And then there's Westgate Auction on Sunday. So much to buy, so little time...

We're well served for auctions here: as well as Margate and Westgate, there are regular sales in Canterbury and Folkestone. Reports from them to come soon... Ebay is great for collectors and bargain hunters, and it's also an excellent marketplace for sellers, but the live auction definitely wins for atmosphere, excitement and immmediacy.

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